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5 Reasons Why You May Leave Your Job

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Loosing top performers, is a huge concern. That bad enough, one good employee leaves, others are soon to follow. The company has now to invest time and money not only in recruiting a new person but also give him/her at least 3-6 months to start performing.

Below are some warning signs that you may need a change in your job.

A Difficult Manager

If your manager just does not understand or support you and is more inclined to protect his position irrespective of the outcome, or if your manager is an unprofessional yeller, you need a change.

Imagine your manager regularly turns up twenty minutes late for scheduled meetings. You soon realise that there is no accountability or respect for time. Worst if the meeting is an 08:00 AM meeting where you have had to juggle your personal commitments to ensure you are not late. You have had to make alternate arrangements to drop your children off to school or miss you breakfast just to be on time for the meeting.

This type of practice sends a message that your manager does not really care about you or the team.

No Increased Remunerations

If your employer's business is struggling, then there maybe an understandable reason. But otherwise, everyone wants to earn a higher income. The cost of children education, transportation, VAT and other increased costs and reduced savings means there is an important need to see at least an increased monthly income at the end of the year.

If you are not being rewarded for your efforts and achievements (despite the company making profits), is a sure sign you need a change. Some companies build expectations using "promises". Watch for actions just as your work in based on results.

Outdated Strategies

By not being competitive and progressive in strategies, your employer could send out wrong signals - old school of thought. This may result in holding you back from progression. There is nothing new to learn. So let's move on.

Your company must train you on new ideas - marketing strategies, new upgraded software's, handling difficult customers, supporting your areas of improvement by motivational programs and how to encounter other work based challenges.

Your Involvement

Your manager is not meant to be the one who questions and answers. This kind of attitude that makes you feel disempowered, un-interactive and want to leave.

Good employees want to be at the forefront of the industry. You must be asked about the difficulties you face, your suggestions during brainstorming sessions and new business ideas. To prove yourself, you will burst with ideas and great insights into the business. More involvement, more progression. If you feel valued and involved, you will stay.

No Self-Development

Investing in an employee is a great way for the company to make the employee feel wanted. This means horning the training and development skills. Companies cannot expect to have better results without an increased performance. Sharpen swords with cutting edge trainings that empowers you with new knowledge and means to achieve goals. No trainings and learning programs means no growth within the company. There is bound to be limited or no progression.

It also means the best staff are more likely to leave, if this happens.

Making your company a great place to work is the responsibility of both employer and employee. It does take 2 hands to clap but sometimes if one hand is unwilling to move, it gets to be a huge challenge.

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