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5 Ways to Show How You Are NOT Overqualified!

Looking for a new job always has its challenges. Like it or not, hiring managers and recruiters may make assumptions about the candidates they interview based on their appearance, their communication style, and yes, their age. It is human to make assumptions. So when a more experienced candidate applies for a junior-level role, recruiters might wonder if the candidate is right for the job or if he or she is overqualified.

Hiring managers may (sometimes unfairly) worry that a junior role with limited responsibilities will not hold experienced candidates.

This type of assumption against older or more experienced job seekers may not always be accurate. If you are experienced and struggling to get a job or the salary you last received, then use these tips to dispel age-related assumptions when applying for a junior position.

WHY becomes important -Downplay Overqualified

When an experienced candidate recruiter's first question applies for a junior role, the first question a recruiter will ask is ‘why? So it would help if you had a strong and compelling reason. Give this a good thought before sharing.

Be Honest when Applying

Whether you were raising a family, dealing with a medical issue, or struggling to find a suitable job you might say:

“After trying hard, I have come to realize that I need to be more realistic about the job market. I have worked hard to keep my skills sharp and I believe my experience will translate very well into this role. There will be a distinct advantage that I can bring, that a less experienced individual may not carry. I am surely setting up the company and myself for success. So I think, taking on a role at this level will be the best way for me to get started.”

Express Your Interest

Explaining why, specifically, you are excited about a position, team, product, or company is an effective way to steer the conversation away from age-related questions and toward topics that matter, like your genuine enthusiasm about the job. Why does this job, company, or opportunity interest you?

Follow Up With Enthusiasm

Write a thank-you email within 24 hours of your interview. It will help you to convey your genuine enthusiasm for an opportunity. Your email will stay in mind, and so will your genuine interest in the job. Remember, less than a handful of applicants write a thank you note after their interviews.

You are Valuable and you have an array of useful skills

As someone with 10plus years in the workforce, not only do you have an array of useful skills, but you will bring a fresh perspective, renewed energy, and experience to whatever team you join. Be confident and proud of this.

Reflect on your unique strengths, and overall experiences are so that you will be well-prepared to talk about them during an interview.


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