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Asking for a LinkedIn Recommendation

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

A strong LinkedIn profile attracts the right kind of attention from recruiters and hiring managers. It helps you build a reliable network, and is a convenient and easy way to showcase your work, skill set, and passions. It is a great place to show off all the great things people have to say about you.

Your LinkedIn recommendations can be a huge selling point for those who might be looking to hire you. After all, nothing makes you look better than praise from an important client, an old boss, or a close colleague.

Let us have a look at the "When" , "Who" and "How" of asking for a LinkedIn Recommendation.

When Should You Ask?

Anytime is a good time to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation. But the best time is when you know you will get a positive one. For example, let’s say you have just completed a big, successful project with a client. After finding out how satisfied the client and you get a strong positive reply is the right time to ask. Don't wait too long to ask, the fresher the project completion, the better.

Another time is when you have just accepted another job or on the verge of accepting a new role and require 2 strong references. It is best to ask when your contribution has been successful and you know you will get a good professional recommendation.

Caution: Be careful of asking for work references while you are still in the job. Should your employer find it, you may have sent out a mixed or warning sign a little too early.

Who Should You Ask?

It is most advisable to ask mixed people and not just senior managers in your company. LinkedIn recommendations can be obtained from people like

  • Your immediate reporting manager or your indirect manager or a senior management members like General Manager, President, CEO.

  • You can also have recommendation from colleagues and suppliers you work and deal with.

  • Even past managers and human resources can be important references.

  • Don't forget your clients who would be important people to give you recommendations.

  • Your educational instructors / trainers can be sources references too

Of course, you want these people to be able to give you a glowing review. But you also want them to be able to speak about specific things you have accomplished at work or education. A short and vague response is almost as useless as having no recommendation, so be sure you can trust them to be thorough and thoughtful.

How To Ask?

Be courteous and professional, make it easy for them to say yes.

Acknowledge that you recognize they are busy and offer to write a draft that they can edit (if required). You can also offer to provide a recommendation in return and ask for specific things they would like you to include in your recommendation to them.

Ensure that you provide a reason for the requested recommendation so that their review will be accurate. Covering different aspects of your job responsibilities, personality, work ethics can give you a good variety in your recommendations

Here are some examples of recommendations

Example 1

Dear Mr. Dinesh Dsouza


On behalf of BITS Pilani Dubai, I would like to thank you for the Interview Workshop you conducted last month for our students. The workshop was very detailed covering all the aspects of an interview right from the research to the follow-up and we are enthusiastic to share that the feedback we received thought very highly of the workshop. I am positive that with the information that our students had gained in the workshop, they will be able to prepare for their future interviews with newfound confidence.

It was truly a productive session and we deeply appreciate the time you took to conduct this workshop for our students. It would be our absolute honor to host you again for your future sessions and we wish you the very best for our future endeavors.

Example 2

Dinesh is a great leader with excellent business and people management skills.

I have worked under him for more than 4 years and worked along with him as one of team members for more than a year. He is always approachable for any problem and guidance and he has always given 100 percent quality HR services to his client in a very transparent way.

He has always met his commitment and deadlines with his clients and internal stakeholders.

I believe his experience and knowledge in recruitment and HR policies is enormous. It was indeed a pleasure to know him and work with him.

Example 3

"During my tenure in Dubai, I have hired Dinesh. With very little direction he managed to source a series of outstanding candidates of whom we were able to hire one.

Dinesh was a pleasure to work with and he promptly followed up on his promises and delivered on time as can be expected from a true professional.

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