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Contact These 5 People Immediately if You Have Lost Your Job

Updated: Feb 18

So you've just lost your job. Your initial impulse might be to hide under a blanket.

According to Eloise Eonnet, a career coach and founder of Eloquence Coaching, it's essential to take a moment, not rush things, and process the emotions for a few days.

Once you're in a better mental space, it's time to inform your network. This step isn't just crucial for finding a new job, as referrals are more effective than cold applications. It can also be empowering when you're feeling low about your career.

However, before reaching out, it's important to know what you want. Take some time for self-reflection to determine the kind of role you're seeking. Craft a concise message that clearly communicates your needs when contacting people.

Now, you might be wondering who to reach out to. Here are five types of people to connect with after a job loss and how they can aid your job search:

  1. Former managers who can vouch for your work: Managers who respected your work can provide references and may advocate for you within their company or network. They can also offer mentorship and guidance.

  2. Former coworkers who know you professionally or personally: Reconnecting with past coworkers expands your network and allows input from a diverse group. Even casual colleagues can be willing to help.

  3. Friends or family members in your industry: If your friends or family work in your industry or at your dream company, they can provide referrals, introductions, or advice on your resume or cover letter.

  4. Former clients or contractors you trust: Clients or contractors from previous projects can serve as references and may have connections in companies or fields you're interested in.

  5. Your online network (LinkedIn or social connections): Miscellaneous professional contacts, such as people from conferences or events, can be valuable resources. Posting about your situation online can attract attention, but ensure your profile is up to date.

Eonnet suggests there's no specific order to contact people during your job search. Start with what feels comfortable and gradually take bigger chances. Practice what you plan to say to convey confidence and clarity, making others more willing to help.

Networking can be intimidating, but if you want to speed up your job search and land a role that excites you, it's a surefire way to make the process smoother.

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