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CV TIPS: Education is critical in your CV Format

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

If you are a fresh university graduate, the education section in your CV Format will probably shape your career. Here are some CV Tips to tailor-make your CV for education qualifications. Also, ensure that your CV IS NOT TOO LONG and correct it NOW.

Very often, you may find yourself at crossroads meaning you may want to choose a different career path. I am an engineer by qualification, tested my skills in IT, moved into sales and marketing, and now have gained a lot of experience in recruitment and executive search. Quite a lot of testing waters. I did not know much at that time but now I cannot think of moving because I really enjoy what I do. Sure, have wasted or invested time doing other roles, but then I use what I learned even now. So don't worry, if you have changed education fields. I'd probably say it is a big advantage.

If you have missed the importance of writing a CV HEADLINE, then you can read it HERE or if you want to catch up on CAREER SYNOPSIS or WORK EXPERIENCE, I am confident you will get a lot of insights. If you have been applying for jobs and your CV is getting rejected or you are not getting a response, then here's probably why?

Some important points when preparing the education section of your CV

1. EDUCATION is second most important to work experience

If you are a fresh graduate, your qualifications, training, projects will be most important. Keep studying and learning even when you are 50. There is no replacement for knowledge.


Your most recent qualification comes first. You don’t need to share your marks or grades, but mentioning “Honors”, if applicable, adds loads of value.

Your post-graduation or graduation + Major subject + University name + City/Country is important.

Education in CV tips
Education in CV tips

3. SKIP the Graduation Dates? Maybe NOT

Mentioning graduation dates may be important to understand what learning or training you have done since then. Lack of further education shows a lack of initiative to keep learning. Though some recruiters may feel that mentioning graduation dates may not be essential, I may tend to differ.

4. Highlight Your education ACCOMPLISHMENTS

If you are an “honors” student or a top 10 student, then don’t forget to BRAG about it in your CV. If not, then no need to share your marks, grades, or GPA. If you are a fresh honors graduate, then it would be wise to tag it on top of your CV headline. E.g

“Top Finance Graduate with Honors” OR “Leading Marketing Specialist and Honors Graduate”.

Any learning, training, or education even if it online must be added to your CV. Do not feel that online learning is less important than attending classes. Online learning is better than no learning and shows your interest to keep developing. Every course and seminar needs a mention. You have the edge over someone who has procrastinated.

Education in CV format
Education in CV format

This sums up the education section.

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