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Making the Best Use of Social Media in your Job Search

45% of hiring managers scout social media and online networks to search for suitable candidates. Incomplete profiles deter them from proceeding, while a well maintained and clean profile creates an impression.

Your online image says a lot about you - who you are connected with, what you post and your followings, helps build your image.

Below are 8 tips to keep a clean and professional media board.

1. Privatize your Accounts

Simply go to your settings and choose who you would want to see your activity. You can restrict your privacy settings to "friends only" if you like. But if you want to maintain a public image then allow everyone to access what you post.

2. Delete Inappropriate Posts

Be careful of controversial posts, especially those that can create a valid disagreement. You may not want a company, recruiter or hiring manager to get the wrong or form biased opinion about you even before an interview. Keep your profiles personal / professional, and engaging.

3. Deactivate Old Accounts

I discovered 4 Facebook accounts that I had and got about deleting 2 of them. Had I not looked, I may not have found them. Maintain one account per media. Check each social media tool to confirmed the same and build an articulated profile in each to maximize the tools and your presence. You may even find some "free" social media integrators that allow you to post on multiple media at one time.

4. Photo's and Video's

It is so good to have nice pictures and memories with family, friends, colleagues and managers. Images and video's speak so much more. Your body language, the environment, the people you are with and the activity, speaks volumes are who you are. Try and have good combination of images and video's.

5. Your Biography

This will be an important point of consideration during recruiting. You can really talk about yourself and and what you do, what and who inspires you, how you grew, what your passions are and what prompted you to develop a career in your chosen field . Connect with, share and even post articles that are of interest to you, both personally and professionally. This is the best way to explain why you could be the best hire.

6. Customize Your URLs

A customized handle and URL will take less than a minute and looks more professional and intentional.

7. Post Relevant Information

Post, share, or retweet industry related news, video's, quotes and articles. When a hiring manager sees that your interests and that of the company are in line, you are more likely to be considered for the position.

8. Follow Inspirational

Your education, experience and interests (or passions) tells a hiring manager how updated you are with social, political and economic trends. Again be cautious of controversial political, religious or cultural beliefs since all may not share the same You may want to restrict any such content (if you do have to a smaller and closer audience like family and close friends)

You may want to follow key influencers.

Lastly, make smart social media choices. Before you post something, contemplate whether it matches the online presence you wish to uphold.

Think of it this way: If a hiring manager brought it up in an interview, would you be able to explain why you posted it?


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