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Powerful Action Verbs To Make Your Resume Awesome

Developed... Managed…Responsible for Most resume bullet points start with the same words. It gets far too boring not to envision or create new words and make it more attractive for the reader. Hiring managers get bored having to read the same old words over and over again—to the point where they have lost a lot of their meaning and does not show off your achievements.

So let us get a little more creative. Whether you are designing your resume from scratch or simply updating it, switch to strong, compelling action verbs that will catch the hiring managers’ attention and impart a new word technology into the brain..

No matter what duty or accomplishment you are trying to show off, the list below, will make your resume way more exciting.

When you Led from the Front If you were in charge of a project or initiative from start to finish, skip “led” and instead try:

Chaired Controlled Coordinated Executed

Headed Operated Orchestrated Organized

Oversaw Planned Produced Programmed

When You Developed or Created from the Beginning And if you actually developed, created, or introduced that project into your company? Try:

Administered Built Charted Created Designed

Developed Devised Founded Engineered Established

Formalized Formed Formulated Implemented Incorporated

Initiated Instituted Introduced Launched Pioneered


When You Saved the Company Money or Time Hiring managers love candidates who’ve helped a team operate more efficiently or cost-effectively. To show just how much you saved, try:

Conserved Consolidated Decreased Deducted

Diagnosed Lessened Reconciled Reduced


When You Increased Sales Volume, Revenue or Customer Satisfaction Along similar lines, if you can show that your work boosted the company’s numbers in some way, you’re bound to impress. In these cases, consider:

Accelerated Achieved Advanced Amplified

Boosted Capitalized Delivered Enhanced

Expanded Expedited Furthered Gained

Generated Improved Lifted Maximized

Outpaced Stimulated Sustained

When You Changed or Improved Something So, you brought your department’s invoicing system out of the Stone Age into the age of digital technology an artificial intelligence. Talk about the amazing changes you made at your office with these words:

Centralized Clarified Converted Customized

Influenced Integrated Merged Modified

Overhauled Redesigned Refined Refocused

Rehabilitated Remodeled Reorganized Replaced

Restructured Revamped Revitalized Simplified

Standardized Streamlined Strengthened Updated

Upgraded Transformed

When You Managed a Team Instead of reciting your management duties, like “Led a team…” or “Managed employees…” show what an inspirational leader you were with terms like:

Aligned Cultivated Directed Enabled

Facilitated Fostered Guided Hired

Inspired Mentored Mobilized Motivated

Recruited Regulated Shaped Supervised

Taught Trained Unified United

When You brought in Partners, Funding or Business Were you “responsible for” a great new partner, sponsor, or source of funding? Try:

Acquired Forged Navigated Negotiated

Partnered Secured

When You Supported Customers Because manning the phones or answering questions really means you’re advising customers and meeting their needs, use:

Advised Advocated Arbitrated Coached

Consulted Educated Fielded Informed


When You Did a lot of Research and Analysis Did your job include research, analysis, or fact-finding? Mix up your verbiage with these words:

Analyzed Assembled Assessed Audited

Calculated Discovered Evaluated Examined

Explored Forecasted Identified Interpreted

Investigated Mapped Measured Qualified

Quantified Surveyed Tested Tracked

When You Wrote or Communicated Was writing, speaking, lobbying, or otherwise communicating part of your gig? You can explain just how compelling you were with words like:

Authored Briefed Campaigned Co-authored

Composed Conveyed Convinced Corresponded

Counseled Critiqued Defined Documented

Edited Illustrated Lobbied Persuaded

Promoted Publicized Reviewed

When You Oversaw or Regulated Whether you enforced protocol or managed your department’s requests, describe what you really did, better, with these words:

Authorized Blocked Delegated Dispatched

Enforced Ensured Inspected Itemized

Monitored Screened Scrutinized Verified

When You Achieved Something Did you hit your goals? Win a coveted department award? Don’t forget to include that on your resume, with words like:

Attained Awarded Completed Demonstrated

Earned Exceeded Outperformed Reached

Showcased Succeeded Surpassed Targeted


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