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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Facebook Job Application Gets Rejected?

When a recruiter reads your Facebook job application, they want to understand whether or not you can do the job and definitely not how good your social profile is. If your job application does not have all the criteria of your CV, you will not receive a call, no matter how good your Facebook posts are.

Recruiters and hiring managers take a maximum of 15 seconds (actually between 7-10 seconds) to determine if your application is suitable. So it must create an immediate impression. Remember, you are applying for a career and your job application is representing you.

Below are the top 3 tips to make your Facebook application attract maximum attention.

The Structure

It is very important that your application, through Facebook (or any social media) must contain all the information on your CV.

(1) Work Experience – Company, Title, and Job Description

(2) Education and Training

(3) Skills and Interests

(4) Personal Details

(5) Recommendations/References

We review hundreds of Facebook applications when we post a job and almost 90% of the applications have an empty job responsibility. It takes me 2 seconds to reject such an application because it tells me that the person just does not have time or interest to complete an application.

You may want to read more about CV preparation here and incorporate the recommendations on your Facebook application. Also, read why your CV could be getting rejected.

The Jobs You Apply

Almost 85% of the Facebook applicants applying for any and every job. Chances of wasting your time are high rather than focus on applying for, at least similar job titles.

I recently had an experienced "Midwife" apply for a Senior Sales Executive job and I did not even read the first line. I had a Receptionist apply for a compliance job because she worked in a bank. Her CV was rejected immediately.

Solution: Do not apply for jobs blindly because you need one. Apply for jobs because you have at least the education and skills in the same field, if not practical work experience. The more relevant your experience, skills, and education to the job, the better your chances. Concentrate on similar job titles only - one level up or down is still a good chance.


Your Social Profiles

I sometimes look at people's social profiles and link them to our database. What do you post? whom do you know? your interests? your followings? and your likes tells a lot about you.

If I can look at your profile as a recruiter, so can others and most importantly your potential employer. So you must be careful.

Solution: Keep updating your social media with positive, educative, inspiring posts, learning articles, research work, recommendations. Network with positive friends circle.


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