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What interviewers mean when they say...

Job seekers spend weeks trying to interpret the things interviewers, hiring managers and decisions makers say before, during, and after interviews. You are not the only person who is trying to read between the lines. Early on in my career I have done so too and almost all interviewees still try to analyze, mis-analyze or over-analyze statements coming from their interviewers.

I will share this secret (or not so great secret) that you must know.

What interviewers means when they say, “We’re interviewing additional candidates, but we’ll be in touch very soon.”

The simple translation is "We will be in touch soon"

In the minds of job seekers everywhere, you might assume the worst - that just because they say they will be in touch soon, they are interviewing others and are not going to hire me.

Well I would say, do not jump to conclusions. Interviewers are not going to interview just one candidate or just you. They will want to meet as many suitable candidates as they can, make their notes, analyze the candidate or get to know him/her and then make an informed decision. A rushed up decision will cost the company a few thousand currency notes. They will take their time.

Sure, there are times when an interviewer might say this to politely let you down, but it happens less. Interviewers will also say this knowing that you could be a strong contender in their minds.

When I interview candidates, I use this line for every single candidate I meet and at he end of the interview. I write down my thoughts, collate all the information that I have, use my own judgement and then make a decision after a few days (if not a couple of weeks)

I will suggest a simple solution: Be patient.

Before you dive into a depressed or disappointed state, for a job that you think you may not get, because of a probably honest line, just remember that hiring managers will almost always say this. After conducting multiple interviews every day, it is just how they/we have been programmed to end an interview and it does not mean that a decision has been made on your candidature.

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