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Why am I not getting job?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Are you not getting a job? The impact of Covid-19 on jobs globally has been beyond recognition. Barring a few industries that are still doing well (Medical, Logistics, Online, Information Technology, Freelancers, etc), all others are suffering. According to a US labor report survey, 2.7 billion people are expected to lose their jobs worldwide in the next few months. Getting a job is now the hardest for most of us.

But even under ordinary circumstances, it is not always easy to get a job. Below are 3 reasons why you may have been or are struggling to find a job and what you can do to change this.

  1. Your CV is Not Getting Selected

  2. Your Interview was Unsuccessful

  3. Your CV is Not Reaching the Right Industry

Your CV is Not Getting Selected

When an employer reads your CV, the fundamental fact they want to understand is whether or not you can do the job. If your CV does not include the skills and knowledge that your target employers are looking for, you won't be shortlisted – no matter how well-written and structured your CV is.

Recruiters and hiring managers take a maximum of 15 seconds to determine your CV's suitability so it must create an immediate impression. Remember CVs are a direct document-representation of you – who you are? what do you do? how well you are equipped to manage your job responsibilities? your passions and interests, your achievements, and most importantly, why you are the most suitable candidate for the job?

​These are the top 8 tips to make your CV attract attention

Your Interview Was Unsuccessful 

Interview Scheduled. You are all excited! You want to make the right impression. You print and review your CV for last-minute errors, find the interview location, and on the appointed date and time, head off to meet the interviewer.

After 30 minutes you are done, feeling confident that the job is yours. Eagerly awaiting your next interview round call. Suddenly your hopes come crashing down as your eyes read an email informing you that your interview was not successful. You feel distraught, disappointed, and frustrated. You do not understand how could an interview you were so sure about, not gone your way. Was the interview fixed or the interviewed biased, or the company no good? The negativity continues to bring you down for all future interviews.

These are all situations we have faced. I have faced them too, I have felt it and hear it from job seekers all the time. But wait... there is a way to avoid this and to minimize job rejections. It will be only a matter of time when you get the perfect job with the desired employer all because of the impression you have created. You should know these top reasons why you may not be unsuccessful at the interview.

Never assume you can do well at the interview just because you work hard and do the job right.

These are the top reasons why you could be missing making the cut.

Your CV is not reaching the right industry

Most recruiters and hiring managers give a lot of preference to applicants employed in a similar industry and/or product-service background.

e.g if you are working as a Sales Engineer, selling automobile spare parts, and are applying for a job of a sales engineer selling IT equipment, then even though the "job description" and "title" is an exact match, applicants who are as close to IT-related products, equipment or service may be given higher preference, resulting in an unsuccessful application and hence job.

The best way forward would be to apply to companies that are your employer's competitors or in a similar business or industry. This increases your chances to get noticed and you will be better prepared when you are shortlisted for an interview. It saves your future employers training time and hence money since it takes a minimum of 3-6 months for a new employee to adjust in knowledge line with other team members in the company.

All the best. stay positive, stay motivated because that's the only way to survive!

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