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Your CV must brag about Training, Development and Achievements

Last week in our CV Tips series we covered the EDUCATION section. Those who have missed this topic can read it here.

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This week we learn more about TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT, and ACHIEVEMENTS

Highlight Your Skills

You must ensure that every skill you have learned to accomplish a job is stressed upon at least once. It may even be a good practice to mention how long have you worked on that skill. For example 4 years of HTML and 2 Adobe Creative Suite and 6 years in JD Edwards and IT Policies.  Skills like MS Office (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint)  tend to be ordinary and probably worth a skip or only one mention. I may elaborate if advanced level like using Macros in Excel.

Create a Training and Skills Subsection

You may consider creating a Computer or IT-based Skillset listing your computer literacy or Language Skills listing the native or fluent languages, the working proficiency language, and the learning or basic language skills. Similarly, this section can have an Awards and Achievement subsection too or you may create a new heading for your accomplishments and recognition.

Add a Professional Interest Section

Competitive Sports, Reading business magazines, health-related work, and news articles or trekking, etc can be including and speaks a lot about who you are. Definitely do not even think of mentioning stamp collections, watching movies in your CV.

Be Careful About Controversial Interests

While religious causes and beliefs are very you, it could be a point of disagreement even the reader is of another faith. I would recommend making it more humanitarian than religious. Take into account that you also have to understand that the reason why you prepare a CV is for it to be read, understood, and agreed upon by the reader

Brag About Your Awards

Awards and Accolades deserve to be highlighted and specified in an impactful one sentence,

e.g. “Earned company-sponsored family holiday for being the company’s top sales performer four quarters in a row.” OR “Completed a marathon in the 2019 UAE Marathon Challenge”

That's all for this week.

Next week join me as we learn more about



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