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How to Apply for a job on Facebook

Nowadays many companies advertise jobs on Facebook. Facebook is becoming a great resource for recruiters to find suitable candidates as well as for candidates to apply for jobs. Even we use Facebook for job advertisements. But we constantly face the same problem when we advertise a new job its that the candidates don't know how to apply for a job on Facebook? So here I am writing down the Step By Step procedure to apply for a job on Facebook in a hope that candidates will benefit from this and so do we.

Advertisement for Job on Facebook

Step1: The advertisement is released

As soon as a company advertises a new job read the position and key requirements(if any) carefully. Ensure no payment is to be made (the UAE law prohibits payments for CV registration)

Details of job

Step 2: Click on the APPLY button

DO NOT APPLY but commenting “Interested”. It shows an easy way out and tells the recruiter they must do more work in your job application than you. Most likely, your comment will not get a reply.

Apply for a job by clicking on the "APPLY NOW" button. When you click on the button you will be redirected to that job page which will have all the details of that particular job.

Facebook Application Form
Facebook Application Form

Step 3: Complete the initial details accurately

When you click on the button a form will appear as shown in the image.

Fill up Your Full Name, City of the current location, active email address, and active mobile number.

Before proceeding make sure your details are accurate.

Add work experience

Step 4: Click on “Add Work Experience”

Add your experience in reverse chronological - most recent or current job first.

Enter your Employer's name, your position, Location, at least 8-10 bullet points of your job responsibilities for every employer.  duration of work.

*NOTE: Your last 3 employers or last 10 years of work experience is extremely important.

Read more about the importance of work experience in your CV here.

You have an option to ENABLE a status for “Currently Work Here” which means it will show the start date of employment and ending with “TO-DATE” or “NO-END DATE” or "Currently work here".

*NOTE: Fill in your experience details correctly as this is the section in your application that matters the most for most of the jobs.


high school details

Step 4: Education Qualifications

The next step is to complete your Education Qualification Section

The Education details have 2 parts:

1. High School Details

You need to fill in the School name and your class year.

college details

2. College Details

Add your qualifications in reverse chronological - most recent or current qualification first. Your graduation or post-graduation is the most important.

Read more about the Preparing your Education section here.

You can decide who can view your Facebook profile - Public or selected few or private. Depending on what you chose, this choice will also be able to view your education qualifications and work experience.

Step 5: Send the application

The last step is to click on the SEND button to finally submit the Application and to wait for the recruiters to respond.

The effort you put into completing a Facebook Job Application or as a matter of fact any job application tells a lot of the effort you put into everything including your work. You want to give this impression to the hiring managers and recruiters that you are serious about the job.

Applying for a job with the comment “Interested” is a BIG NO. Incomplete job applications can warrant immediate rejection. Put in 100% in every job application irrespective of the result (which you cannot control). But hard work and a desire to succeed always pay off…ALWAYS.


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