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Things to keep in mind while applying for a job on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network in the world and while it was originally designed to connect families and friends, it has moved a lot into connecting businesses to consumers (B to C).

Businesses use Facebook to advertise their brand, sell their services, and even posts jobs. Due to a mix of personal and business interests, it has become all the more important to ensure a number of factors, security, data utilization, sharing and networking, interests, etc.

Hiring managers and recruiters use social media a lot to connect with job seekers and advertise their vacancies.  

Below are some of the top recommendations that you can follow, when applying for a job

Keep Separate Profiles

It is always advisable to have 2 Facebook accounts, one personal and one professional. If not then having just one account is also fine, but you would need to be careful on several fronts. While your personal account can have a connection with friends and family, your professional account can be more work orientated and contain postings of your education, work, professional interests, skills, etc. You can share and posts videos of influencers and reputed people you follow, you can also share updates on your projects, industry inventions, etc. 

Keep it Updated

Ensure your professional Facebook section is up to date. Your work experience, education, training, projects, skills must contain accurate and neatly formatted information. Your Facebook page must contain all of what is in your CV plus more information on various posts. Remember, the quality of the material is extremely important. When you apply for a job, your employment history – employer name, your position, employment dates.

I receive about 500 Facebook applications and reject about 480 on average not because I have been able to review details, but more because there is nothing to review and just an application or an employer's name.

Show Interest

It is essential and time and effort are taken in keeping data up to date. Just like updating your CV as soon as you learn a new skill or a new responsibility is added to your job description or you have received an award. Lack of updates shows a lack of need or interest. It will be rejected even if you are the perfect candidate.

Use Images, Video’s and infographics

Reading text all the time is too monotonous and boring. Using images, videos, and infographics within your text makes it more visibly viable and attention-grabbing.

Use images of an award you have won, or training you are attending, or statistics on an infographic. Videos are very effective especially if you want to introduce yourself or talk about your experience in less than 30 seconds.

Answer the Qualifying Question Honestly

I had a midwife apply for a Senior Sales Executive job and a receptionist applies for a compliance job.

It is essential that you apply for jobs only when you have the relevant experience else it shows you have not read what is required and reduces the hiring manager's trust when you apply for future jobs. You must answer the Facebook job qualifying questions honestly.


  1. Best to keep 2 separate Facebook pages, one personal and one professional. Hiring Managers will look at both.

  2. Be careful of what you post, what you “like” and who you “follow”.

  3. Keep your Facebook page updated with all employment details.

  4. Maximize the use of images, videos, and infographics.

  5. Answer job qualifying questions (if applicable) honestly.

I after applying for jobs, you find that your application still gets rejected, then you may want to do a check on the above and read this

Howto Apply for a Job on Facebook
Howto Apply for a Job on Facebook