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How to Write a Good Job Application Email

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Recruiters and hiring managers receive a few hundred emails daily. Most of these emails are poorly constructed with grammatical and proficiency errors. Hence it becomes important that you use a professional email to make it stand out.

Below are some basic tips of what you must do.

Use a Professional Email Address

You need to ensure you have a professional email address. For example, or are professional email addresses.

Avoid email addresses like or

Recruiters and hiring managers must take your email id seriously.

Be Specific

Keep your email brief and to the point. This shows that you are serious. Make sure to mention what you have attached. Remember your CV and cover letter is going to be read, so do not be repetitive in the information you share.

If you have be referred by someone then mentioned the name, and department. This attracts attention.

The Subject Line

The subject line must contain your name and the position you are applying. Emails are displayed with the subject line and you want to ensure that the subject line is professionally eye catching. You can learn more about crafting an impressive email subject line here.

Use a Formal Greeting

Do not start your email with a “Hi”, "Hey" or “Hello.” This opening is reserved only for the people you know well and can address at a personal level. Do not address them by their first name either e.g. Dear Dinesh. The most professional manner of addressing recruiters or hiring managers in a job application email is "Dear <Salutation> <First Name> <Last Name>" or "Dear <Salutation> <Last Name>" e.g. “Dear Mr. Dinesh DSouza or Dear Ms. Maryann.” This is more professional start which is liked.

Similarly, do not end your email with “Best Wishes” or “Cheers.” This again is far too casual. More formal closing would be "Best Regards" or “Regards” or “Sincerely” or "Yours sincerely".

Include a Professional Signature

You can end your email using the below format

Full Name

Location, City, Country

Email Address

Phone Number


Best regards

Dinesh DSouza

Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE

+9714 4560950 | +97155 7328282

This makes it easy for hiring managers to contact you

Do not forget the Attachments

Make sure you state in your email and that it contains an attachment of your cover letter, and CV (or any other documents that have been asked) that are required for the position.

Double-check that you actually attached them.

Remember your job application email is by no means a cover letter or your CV. There is no reason to be very descriptive. Maximize and segregate the contents of your job application email, from the cover letter, from your CV. Let each have their strengths and descriptions.

In the next post, I will share 2 sample job application email templates.

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