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Losing Interest In Your Job, Then Read This.

Finding the Problem

It is not uncommon for any of us to lose interest in our jobs. Sometimes we find our work monotonous, routine without any challenges. Same environment, same coworkers, same daily tasks day in and day out. The spark and challenge which existed on day 1, is now gone.

Other times we just cant get along with our managers or coworkers and hence have lost interest in our job responsibilities. We cant take it anyone. We need to get out. Most of the time we find no growth, no promotion and no monetary reward. Expenses increase - too much distraction to allow us to focus on our work.

Whatever the reason, prepare a chart of what we like most about our jobs versus what we are struggling with. Bullet point in order of what is most important and what is least. Then review what you have come up with.

Learn Something New

Learning never stops even if you are the CEO. The more you learn, the more you know and the more valuable you become. Your learning should not be limited to what you are required to do at work but what the industry or even competitors do that you do not. Chose a skill directly or indirectly related to your work. If you are a google ads expert, learn SEO. If you are a sales expert, learn marketing. If you are an accountant, learn a bit more of finance. Learn a new software. Attend a new course. Read about the lives of successful people to help motivate you.

Take A Break

Do not nurture a path leading to burnout. Burnout can be deadly and in some cases even hinder you from getting back to your regular routine. Your mind and body needs to a break. A fresh environment, a holiday, time with family and friends is much needed to retain your sanity, confidence and career. A vacation often brings you back refreshed and energized ready to take on the world. It gives you a new sense of confidence and reduces stress. With a recharged mind and body, there is a lot you can accomplish with new ideas and strategies.

Review Your Career Path

Sometimes years pass and we have been so busy with what we do, we never really thought if we are missing a world full of possibilities. Every once in a while (maybe once in a couple of years) reevaluate if you are progressing in your chosen career path. Maybe you may want to take a risk venturing into something new. I spoke to an experience Assistant Finance Manager who after a decade of financial experience, did not feel motivated to continue and wanted a new career. Risky, but that's what she felt would make her happy. People continue to change and evolve throughout life, so does the job market. Some people choose money, some chose happiness and some find both in the same job.


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