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Top 7 Tips for a Phone or Video Interview

Phone or Video interviews can be less stressful (if you are worried) since you are not physically across the interviewers' desk. You are in a more comfortable environment (you can choose where to take the interview call) and you can choose your surroundings. You would have obviously researched the company, and the interviewers and prepared yourself for questions that could be asked.

Phone Interview:

  1. Make sure you are comfortably seated with desk space and a connected laptop (for access to research if required)

  2. Your CV is in front of you with any notes that you think you may require to refer to. 

  3. A noise-free surrounding - It only enhances communication.

  4. A simple formal introduction when you answer the call. Something like "good morning, this is XYZ speaking" and definitely not "Hello" or "Hi"

  5. Good listening skills since the disadvantage of observing your interviewer's body language or lack of physical presence may require even more attention. Always let the interviewer complete the question before jumping to give an assumed answer.

  6. Write down the interviewer's name so that you may address the person as Mr or Ms. ABC. This makes it more personal.

  7. Pause a few seconds after each question - you know that the interviewer has completed the question and you can gather your thoughts before answering.

Video  Interview:

  1. Be prepared in smart casual or formal attire.

  2. Make sure you are comfortably seated with deskspace

  3. Ensure you have logged in and tested the video connection at least 10 minutes prior to your interview.

  4. Your CV is on your desk with any notes that you think you may require to refer to. 

  5. Noise-free surroundings to avoid any disturbances.

  6. A simple formal introduction when you answer the call. Something like "good morning Mr or Ms. XYZ and thank you for this call" and definitely not "Hello" or "Hi"

  7. A neat-looking background since the interviewer can see your surroundings, which must look good.

While phone and video interviews have seen a dramatic increase these last few months, it is best to practice the maximum use of digital technology for future interviews. This also includes screen sharing for presentations. You will now save a lot more time - travel time, struggling to park time, finding the venue time, etc.

All the very best.


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