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"What is the Ideal Length of a CV?"

I remember reading a lot of novels and articles during my college days. Subsequently, it was research work, but by default, I had to look at the size of the material before reading it. My immediate thoughts in almost all cases were "Gosh, it's too long". But since I had to read it, I was hardly left with any choice.

Hiring managers and HR team members have a choice. They receive hundreds of job applications every day. I know the same applies even with recruiters. Long CVs can be "put-off".

I will not say that CVs 3 or more pages are not read. It finally depends on the reader and what attracts him or her to your CV - its design and contents.

So how long must your CV be?

After extensively researching hiring manager and human resource department preferences and feedback, CVs three or more pages tend to receive 10%-20% attention by default for review as compared to one page CVs which is 50%-60% and 2 pages CVs which is 30-40% attention assuming correct applications. This does not mean that all one-page CVs are read.

Your CV can be two pages, but most should be one page especially if you have less than 5-7 years experience. After having worked for 20 years, I still have a 1 page CV and a separate single page list of accomplishments and achievements.

Is a 2 page cv template a recommended length?

  1. Less than 5-7 years of experience - ONE Page - Perfect

  2. More than 5-7 years experience - 2 page cv template - Very Good (assuming you have detailed skills, attended training and seminars, highlighted achievements)

  3. THREE PAGES - Suitable or passable, depending on engaging contents

  4. More than THREE Pages - Risky and may (or may not) be recommended.

Remember, the use of infographics, pie charts, statistics is always more engaging and attractive, especially on 3 pages CVs. It'll depend on the reader's experience.

You want our CV to be considered for an immediate job opportunity or at least kept for a future vacancy, but not rejected because the hiring manager was put off from reading a mini-novel.

If you have missed the importance of writing a CV headline, then you can read it here or if you want to catch up on career synopsis or work experience, I am confident you will get a lot of insights. If you have been applying for jobs and your CV is getting rejected or you are not getting a response, then here's probably why?


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