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Showcasing Temporary Jobs and Gaps in Your CV

In the last blog of our CV Tips Series, we covered the Training, Development, and Achievements in your CV. For those, you have missed this can read it here.

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This sums up the education section. In this blog, we learn more about

How to Make Use of Temporary Jobs and Gaps in Your CV

It is very important for me to stress that a progressive career is very important when your CV is being reviewed and needs to beat the competition for jobs. Work experience and constant learning are the best way and you will see its importance as we understand more about the effect of gaps and short-term roles in your career.

Do Not Include Very Short Jobs

If you have been employed in a job for one or two months and chose to leave for a better opportunity, then it is best not to include it in your CV. You can disclose the same if it comes up in an interview and you need to talk about the role.

Temporary jobs are not the best especially if you are looking for a long career since the interviewer is going to feel that you are going to leave them as soon as you get a better opportunity. They want loyalty and performance

Covering Gaps in Your CV

The experience you may have gained in a short-term role can be shown as training and development or learning under a separate section. Some recruiters feel that you need not be specific about months and years but stick to the year of employment.

E.g. 2018 – 2020 but I feel it may arouse suspicion. Then again it may warrant a call and give you the opportunity to explain more about how much you have achieved and contributed and not focus on the dates. Best to be honest and transparent always.

Note: Remember, “lying” or “misrepresenting” your CV is when you have not done a certain responsibility or completed a qualification and saying you have done, whereas presentation is more to chose what you want to share and what not as long as you have done it.

Explain Temporary Jobs More Precisely

You may find that your CV shows a constant change every one or two years. This may not always go down well with the interviewer unless you are so good that companies chase you and ready to offer you what you want. You may otherwise want to mention the reason for the move and immediately below your employment dates/job title.

E.g. My position was made redundant or was not paid a salary for 2 months, the company forced me to relocate to XYZ country.

Explain Unavoidable Career Breaks

Sometimes career breaks have to be taken based on choices, e.g mothers who have to take a career break when their precious newborn arrives, or burnout and stress due to intensive work over several years or a career break to study further. A long break to find the right job may not be the best idea and often seems detrimental to your career prospects. I have seen so many candidates wait for a perfect job and land up unemployed for even up to a year and finally forces to take up a role which they had rejected a few months earlier.

Learn New Courses Between Jobs

The moment you lose your job or have chosen to take a break, your CV is going to have a career gap maybe just a short one. We do not know how soon you will get your next job unless you have already signed an employment offer.

Use this time wisely – learn a new skill, join an online course or classroom-based training, do freelance work if required, attend networking events, rethink your options too. There is quite a lot you can do until you find the right job. Do not leave open gaps.

You do not want your CV to have gaps and short durations like in the below example.

ABC Company

Recruitment Consultant

January 2018 to May 2019

XYZ Company

Recruitment Officer

March 2016 to November 2016

Genesis Executive Search


July 2015 to December 2015

That’s all for this week. Next week we learn HOW TO FORMAT YOUR CV


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